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Volunteer Job Descriptions

Clerk of Course-Line the swimmers up on benches prior to their races in a designated area of the pool so that they are ready for their events. Make sure swimmers are at the starting blocks at the appropriate time for their races.

Stroke/Turn Judge - Works with other teams stroke/turn judges at each meet to insure that stroke protocols are being followed by swimmers. Requires some training. Here is the link to the YouTube training videos.  It takes about 40 minutes to complete all 7 short videos.


Time Starter/Paddle Ensures all timers are ready. Signals to Event Starter that everyone is ready.

Head Time Writer Records all heat times from timers. Must have neat handwriting.

Runners (1 per team per meet - first half or second half of meet) Takes race results information from timers to scorers table. Also obtains any disqualification forms from Stroke Judges and discreetly gives to scorer. Distributes Heat Winner ribbons.

Data Records Entry- Enters swimmers times into software program and prints the ribbons. Requires some training.

Timers (18 per team per meet, 9 each work first half or second half of meet) Use a stop watch in assigned lanes to determine the finish times in the races. Timers work in teams of 3 with at least 1 timer from each team in each lane. One timer records the middle (median) time on the lane sheets for each swimmer in the lane.

Event Starter - Starts the races and is responsible for keeping the meet running efficiently. Requires some training.

Concession Assistants Assists the concession coordinator by maintaining the concession area during the meets. They may also assist with setup/take down.

Parking Attendants -- Assist guests in parking in our lot before the meet - 4:00pm to 6:10pm.

Hospitality– Prepare purchased snacks and drinks, as well as treats provided by shrimp parents, to all volunteers during swim meets.

Volunteer Coordinator: Sources volunteers for all open spots. Checks in all volunteers at swim meets. Follows up to ensure volunteer commitments have been met by each family.

Deck Set-Up and Griller: Physically sets up pool deck for meet, including signage, checking restrooms, etc.  After set-up is complete, sets up all chafing dishes and grills burgers and hot dogs.

Heat Winner Ribbon: hands out Heat Winner ribbons to every winner. Lots of running around.

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