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Parking in the PPRSC lot is very limited. Please make every effort to carpool or be dropped off at the meet.  If you park on city streets, please remember to only park on one side of the street.  Be courteous to homeowners and do not park in the grass. 

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Before the Meet

Swimmers: pack the following

  • Team bathing suit, swim cap, and t-shirt
  • Two towels (suggested)
  • Two pairs of goggles (suggested)
  • Healthy snacks, like granola bars, fruit and Gatorade (no concessions this year)
  • Books, cards or games for in between events


  • Feed your child a substantial non-sugary snack about an hour before warm-ups are to start. 
  • Pack goggles, cap, and several towels; dress your child in his team suit or acceptable equivalent. Swimmers may not wear caps from year round or high school teams unless they are turned inside out.
  • Plan for extreme weather, whether it is heat or rain. 

What NOT to Bring:

  • Do not bring alcoholic beverages. This is expressly forbidden by the GCSL rules and regulations.
  • Do not bring glass of any type

Inclement Weather:

  • Unless you have received an email from the Team Reps that the meet is delayed or canceled, you should come to the pool (Home or Away). We will send any cancelation/delay information via email and Rained Out.
  • You can sign up to receive text messages about last minute weather changes by going to https://www.rainedout.net/team_page.php?a=1e4b0f5aff230a796fce
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At the Meet

  • Allow time to get to the pool, park and get settled before warm-ups are scheduled to start. Immediately check in with the coach and the volunteer check-in (if you are volunteering).
  • If you weren’t able to print a heat sheet in advance. Buy a heat sheet from the concession stand if available, or view on Meet Mobile.
  • Using a Sharpie, write your child’s events and other information from the heat sheet in a grid somewhere that you child can see it. Kids generally like them on their forearm. The grid will allow both you and your child to keep track of what events he will swim.It should look like this:
21 2 3 Freestyle
30 3 6 Backstroke
And so on….
  • 10 and UNDER PARENTS: Please write your child’s last name on the back of their left shoulder with a Sharpie. Having their name on their back will help the clerk of course identify kids to get them lined up for their race. All the kids look the same with their identical suits and caps on!
  • If your child is older than 6, check in with the coach before you leave; the coach may need them to swim in the relays that occur at the end of the meet. No swimmer over age six may leave the meet without the coach’s permission. If you know your child can’t stay for the relay, you must notify the coach before the meet. If your child is scheduled to swim the relay and you leave, the entire relay has to forfeit.
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Sample Meet Timeline

Sample Timeline of a Home Swim Meet (TENTATIVE)

4:00 Pool Closes to PPRSC Membership, swim meet deck set-up begins

4:30 10 and under swimmers arrive

4:30-5:00 Volunteers arrive and check-in with Volunteer Coordinator

5:00-5:15 Swimmer warm-ups

5:15-5:30 Away Team warm-ups

5:15 Volunteer Meeting inside clubhouse

5:40 Meets Begins  

5:40-7:00ish 10 & under session

7:00-7:15 10 & under dismissed, pool area is cleaned and sanitized  

7:15- 11 & up's arrive , volunteers check-in

7:30-7:45 Swimmer warm-ups

7:45-8:00 Away Team warm-ups

8:15 11 & up Meet begins 

After Meet results finalized, pool deck cleaned up

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Parent Advice for Meets

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